Looking for an about page about me?.

Site structure #

This website is a self-coded project, with the help of a static site generator - 11ty. 11ty converts Markdown files into HTML pages, making it easy for me to design the frontend while keeping the process simple.

According to 11ty's website:

for me, eleventy converts Markdown files (.md) into HTML pages, making it simply and easy to make the pages while letting me design the frontend.

Site hosting #

After the website is built, it's just a folder on my desktop (or source code in a Github repository). I use Netlify, a partially-free hosting service, to auto-deploy the website from the Github repository.

Domain proivder #

The domain is provided by Cloudflare.

Visitor analytics #

Usage statistics are tracked using umami, an open-source alternative to Google Analytics. Although it was a bit challenging to set up, the data presentation and graphs look great once it's up and running. The PostgreSQL database and hosting for Umami is provided by Railway, a convenient and free platform for hosting projects like this.

Email service #

My email is managed through Migadu, which allows me to manage my aliases and mailboxes easily and securely.